Why Grilling With Propane is Awful. And Why Pellet is the Answer!

Please don't tell me you grilled tonight's supper on a propane gas grill. Did you notice that the meat and vegetables may have seemed bland of kind of tasteless? There is a reason for that bland taste. Propane gas does not have the ability to flavor our food!

Green Mountain Grills pellet grill demo. You've never had it this good. Green Mountain Grills with Steve "Mountain man" Berry walks you through the inner workings of these amazing pellet bbq/smokers.

Henson Farm Supply recommends that next time you BBQ, you ditch the gas a make a flavor upgrade to flavorful wood, and not just any wood, but the bold flavor provided by Green Mountain pellet grills and smokers.  Food simply taste better when it is cooked over a wood flame. But what about charcoal? Charcoal can be even worse. Watch the short video and find out how a Green Mountain pellet grill at Henson Farm Supply can make you enjoy cooking over an open flame again. Find out the secret that award winning BBQ folks know, the flavor comes from the wood and the wood pellet is preferred.